Friday, February 1, 2013

Bennett Family

This was a FUN family photo shoot for my hairdresser, Teresa.  Although Teresa has only been cutting my hair a little over a year, I feel like we "go way back."  She has been cutting Sam and his parents' hair for as long as he can remember.  I have a hairdresser in Charlotte that cut my hair since I was a little girl, and it was tough leaving her when I came to Asheville.   Teresa makes me feel like she has been cutting my hair as long as she has been doing Sam's hair.  

So here is Teresa's cute, cute family!  Her daughter Savannah on the right and her granddaughter Amora (Amora's parents aren't pictured).  I was really hired to photograph cutie pie Amora, but I thought while I was there, we needed to do family shots as well.

Teresa's family lives near Mars Hill College, and it is beautiful in this part of the mountains (20 minutes north of Asheville).  Teresa took me on ride on a 4-wheeler up the mountain for Amora's portraits.  I have quite the traumatic memories of 4-wheelers, so I made Teresa go really slow.  Zac, my brother, grew up with a 3-wheeler and then got a 4-wheeler (yes, we might have been a little bit red neck....we didn't have mountain trails to ride on...just woods near my grandparents' house).  For some reason, I wanted to go on rides with my brother, but he always ended up scaring the sh*t out of me on these rides.  But time after time, I would ask Zac, to take me on a ride and I of course would request a fun, leisurely pace.  And time and time again, he would go really fast, and scare me to death!  I thought that if I screamed really loud in his ear while on these death rides he would slow down, but it only made him go faster. So I don't have happy memories on 4-wheelers.  Teresa, however, was a good driver, and I felt safe at all times!

This was our view from the top of the mountain!

It was really hard to narrow down the images of Amora for you.  She has the sweetest smile, but there also are a few images where she is staring me down, which is still cute.  

Love this one!

Love this one too!

I also wanted to take Savannah, a junior in high school, aside for some pictures.  She is a talented singer, grade-A student, and awesome athlete...oh and she is beautiful!

This reminds me of..."the hills are alive, with the sound of music...fa la la la.." 

And one of my all time fav family shots...such a beautiful setting!

One last image for you

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