Friday, February 1, 2013

Brandi & Sean's Wedding Day

 Continuing with Brandi and Sean's wedding day....there was a calmness over Brandi as she got ready, and it was awesome to watch.  She was truly just soaking in the day and enjoying every moment.

I mentioned that they had a great group of family and friends surrounding them on this day.  Check out their bridal parties!

Brandi did bridal portraits with me, so I had to take a few minutes to get a good portrait of Sean on his wedding day.   He was very calm as well!

 There's a funny story with this next picture.  Brandi and I talked several times before her wedding going over the timeline and which shots she wanted to take of the bridal party after the wedding.  The bridal party was 24 people, and then add in Brandi and Sean and that makes 26 people!  I had mentioned to Brandi that I wanted to do a street shot of the party.  Luckily Greenville has a fairly small downtown.  We waited for the light to turn red and we ran out into the street.  I was snapping pictures quickly knowing that I would only have a limited amount of time, but I was also willing to push the time of the red light.  Downtown wasn't busy, and the bridal party filled up the width of the street (and there weren't any cars behind them waiting at the light).  I think I got about 5 pictures in, and then Zach (my BFF's husband and the groom's brother - who happens to be a  police officer in Greenville) yelled at me...."Okay Meredith, let's wrap it up, we got to get out of the street!"  His police officer instincts kicked in!  I was a little shocked but fine with it knowing I had got the shot I wanted.  I thought it was funny, and Sarah was appalled at her husband...haha!  I think he now feels bad for doing that, but  it all worked out!  

While photographing Brandi and Sean, I think about 3 or 4 cars drove by and congratulated them - these were people that knew them...not random strangers!  Out of those 3 or 4 cars only 1 was heading to the reception!  They have a lot of friends!

Up next, the reception...and the Hinton Casino!

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