Monday, February 11, 2013

Downton Abbey in our Backyard

Asheville is home to The Biltmore Estate, America's Largest Home (that's their slogan, not mine).  Before this year, I had visited the estate about 3 or 4 times.  In 2013 alone, Sam and I have been to the estate 6 times!  That is because we became 12-month passholders in January (thanks mom and dad for the Christmas gift!).  It has been awesome.  We have been going there on the weekends and enjoying beautiful walks.  So far we have walked along the French Broad River, hiked up to the estate enjoyed some ice cream and then hiked back down to our car (my favorite hike so far, every one needs a mid-walk refuel with ice cream!), and hiked on a wooded trail.  We have seen horses, cattle, goats, chickens, deer, wild turkey, and sooo many blue birds.  I have seen more wildlife at Biltmore than I did in Alaska (I was really unlucky in Alaska, I didn't even spot a moose!).  I thought I would share some of my phone/Instagram pictures with you from our past couple of visits.

This picture is from tonight.  Our HANSome dog, Hans : )  This is the farm trail along the French Broad River. 

This is the view once we hiked up to the estate (I had my back to the estate in this picture).  Imagine that you're facing the estate.  This view is on the far left side.

They have several small bamboo forests along the river.  This past weekend, we walked by some french speaking boys playing in the bamboo forest.  It was awesome to hear them playing - you could tell they were having a blast.  It would have been cool to have a fort in a bamboo forest as a child!

This picture was taken this past Saturday.  That is the estate behind us. 

It's a beautiful home!  It's crazy to think that people lived like this.  Downtown Abbey really helps me imagine life in the estate.

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