Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sara & Joe in Downtown Asheville

This was a really fun session for 2 reasons.  First, I know Joe and Sara on a personal level.  Joe and Sam have been friends since high school, and Joe like Trey was also a groomsmen in our wedding.  Sam was a groomsmen in their wedding in Martha's Vineyard in 2011 (I still can't believe we are already 1 month down into 2013, this year is flying by so far!).   Sara is one of the sweetest people you will meet.  She is very loyal, kind, and thoughtful.  The second reason this session was fun is because it was in downtown Asheville.  I love our downtown - it's beautiful, quirky, and colorful (especially during fall!).  Downtown Asheville is also host to some amazing restaurants, one of which appears in the photos below.

So I started and ended the session with at a parking garage...something I have never done before.  While I was waiting for Sara & Joe, I saw this covered sidewalk area, and I immediately knew that is where we would start the session.

The lines of light are extra striking in black and white!

I want to talk about wardrobe choices again.  Sara and Joe did a nice job as well as pairing clothes that complemented one another.  You'll notice Sara wore a grey jacket in some of the pictures as well.  We just alternated in some pictures with the jacket being on or off.  Joe's layers of a patterned shirt with a solid sweater over was great.  I think just his blue patterned shirt against Sara's outfit would have clashed too much.  In the photos above, you can see Sara's sweater had a cute bow pattern around the neck.  Which was a great detail, but wasn't too much.

 Here is one of the amazing restaurants in downtown Asheville, Cucina 24.  Sam and I actually ate here for the first time last May for our anniversary.  We quickly went back several times after that.  It's Italian, but not your Olive Garden Italian.  Think fresh seasonal ingredients in delicate pastas, wonderful seafood, amazing cheese, and a menu that makes it hard to decide which dishes you want (because you can't just get away with one dish, it's all so yummy!).  On top of great food, they also have a lovely entrance - the wood door, reflective glass, metal sign, and brick provided a lovely setting. I realize that Sara & Joe would not send out a photo Christmas card with Cucina 24 on it, but I wanted to give them a variety images. 

Sorry, I coudn't narrow down the selection, I love these next three images!

And we ended at the top of the parking deck!

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